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The Arles space (Fondation Lee Ufan Arles), currently scheduled to open in 2022, is being designed in collaboration with the Japanese architect Tadao Ando.

The Hotel Vernon structure, built between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries, is a mansion consisting of a main building structured around an inner courtyard located in the heart of the historic and cultural center of Arles.
The project involves the redevelopment of the mansion to house a public art space from ancient to contemporary art.

When the Fondation opens in full, this site will be an exhibition center to promote and educate Lee's works as well as to serve as a place of life and assembly to support and sponsor various arts and cultural activities.

The Fondation Lee Ufan Arles will be the next major venue to feature his works, following the Lee Ufan Museum in Naoshima opened in 2010 and Space Lee Ufan at Busan Museum of Art opened in 2015.